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The Global Summit 2018 Steering Group’s mission is to bring the 18th annual ICF meeting of community leaders to the UK in June 2018 – utilising venues and workshops in London, Bristol and Greenwich

Intelligent Communities are defined by ICF through its long-running research programme. Most visibly, communities from within many countries compete for recognition of their economic and community endeavors and successes. Through rigorous community evaluations each year ICF gains deeper understandings of leadership challenges and enables huge opportunities for shared expertise, innovation and policy development.

The breadth of ICF research provides dimensions that reach beyond conventional technology-led interpretations of ‘smart city’ and ‘open data’ concepts. The conceptual framework and community ‘indicators’ include Connectivity Quality, Knowledge Workforce, Digital Equity (‘Inclusion’), Innovation Capacity, Sustainability and Marketing & Advocacy.
GS18 will be a major event for the UK.

• Hosting Civic and Community leaders from around the world & sharing ideas and experiences
• Fuelling  innovative endeavour for UK cities and local communities
• Providing a global showcase for expertise and culture.

The GS18 Steering Group requires a range of talent. This invitation is directed to ‘Thought Leaders’ and organisations that recognize the potential value of the events and associated programmes.

David Brunnen, Director of the UK’s Foundation for Information Society Policy has stepped up to Chair GS18 and has appointed a secretariat to manage our administration. The success of GS18 is dependent on support and expertise from across the UK – working in concert with the Intelligent Community Forum.

The GS18 website includes a registration facility for further information and expressions of interest.  In an announcement in New York on 8th June ICF confirmed that the 2018 Summit will be held in London and collaboratively managed by NextGen Events.