SG 18 – Reading List

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Brain Gain, Bell, Jung & Zacharilla (ICF) ISBN 9781 499228021

The Resilience Dividend, Judith Rodin, Rockefeller Foundation, ISBN 978 1781253588

Britain's Cities, Britain's Future, Mike Emmerich, ISBN 978-1-907994-62-3

Cities Are Good For You, Leo Hollis (2013)

Garden Cities of Tomorrow, Ebenezer Howard (1946)

TEDx Rio presentation by ICF's Lou Zacharilla:  There's No Place Like Home  an 18 minute overview of ICF work

'We were sixteen, going on seventeen' - a New Year commentary on community developments

Blessed are the Place-Makers - a note from Groupe Intellex ahead of the UK (BEIS) consultation on Industrial Strategy